Welcome to a new phoenix

Just back from 1 World Trade Center in New York. It’s 15 years since 9/11 and the whole site is still under continuous development.  Just two weeks ago the Oculus opened . This is an extraordinary structure comprising office space, a Westfield upscale elliptical shopping mall and a transportation hub serving 17 different railway lines. I suspect it won’t be long before it also becomes an event space..It cost $4billion and is stunning. It’s way over budget but this will be forgotten and what will remain is a real gem rather than one more transit station. I found it uplifting and incredibly moving: life has returned. From the inside it looks magnificent and to me it is a testimony to the human spirit to bounce back and go to new heights.

And when you stand beside it:
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“I have had clients say that I have made it possible for them to live their dreams…”


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“ITS must be the most understated training organisation I have ever encountered: devoid of hype and the huge promises that come as standard in the world of self-development and training, they achieve astonishing results.  The courses are painstakingly constructed and delivered, the facilitation is inspired and the foundations are thoroughly ethical.  More than that, the workshops and techniques are so thorough that the learning becomes deeply embedded.

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Scenes from Hong Kong

The first half of this year involved quite a lot of travel and now is really the first time I’ve had an opportunity to catch my breath and share some of what I saw. For me one of the highlights was Hong Kong. I really enjoyed it. Very different atmosphere to mainland China. So scenes from Hong Kong seems like a good place to start…  

Here something as simple as a street sign becomes an example of the familiar and the exotic – at least to me!

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Raising Your Game: The two most important questions to get started

The topic of raising your game is one which for me is rather important, because repeatedly I find that it’s an issue that comes up. It’s not just a matter of some sort of professional world: “I must be more effective at work”; raising your game touches upon just about everything that’s important to us in our lives. 

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Do you want to have more Eureka moments?


Ian McDermott and Patricia Riddell, Professor of Applied Neuroscience on how to use your brain more effectively.

While some new insights evolve out of careful and considered planning, many arrive suddenly from a pure, new inspiration – a Eureka moment! Instantly, you know that the solution will work, and you can start to plan your new approach.

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An interview with Tim Hallbom

With Tim Hallbom’s only 2016 UK training dates fast approaching, when he’ll be delivering his three day workshop ‘Hypnosis: Effective Communication for Positive Change’, we thought it would be good for you to hear from the man himself about hypnosis, how easy it can be to learn, what it can do for you and why kissing a rock might be the best option to change your life experience.

Below is a transcript of a recently recorded interview in which Tim shared some of his wonderful insights into hypnosis, the power of language and the practical benefits of learning how to use both.”

You can listen to the recording HERE

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Travel Diary – Photos from Porto

Just back from a brilliant Valentine’s mini break in Porto. This is the city that gave its name to a country and also a drink. Great people, great architecture. The Old City where we stayed is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

 Lots of the fabulous ceramic tiles on and in buildings that Portugal is famous for.
Here is the inside of the train station for instance. I can understand why some people call this one of the most beautiful train stations in the world.

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Coaching – the Next Generation

Why learn coaching skills?
Do you want to be able to draw out the best in people? And would it help if you knew how to do this?

Then knowing how to use a coaching approach with people is going to be very useful to you.

I’ve had a number of conversations about this recently and it made me think it was worth addressing directly. So here goes.

There is a very good reason why interest in coaching has exploded over the past decade. It gives you a way of engaging that is tailored to each individual and each team. Instead of some off-the-peg training, coaching can be endlessly adapted to suit a particular individual or team.

If you want to get really good at coaching you’ll need to learn the skills and practice them. You can read all the books you like on the subject but there’s no substitute for skills-based, real-time, face-to-face learning.

That’s why each year I set aside a number of days to make sure my colleagues and I can deliver in person what is needed to master these skills. Because it’s at the cutting edge we call it Coaching – the Next Generation.

Whilst some people attend the coaching programme with the intention of becoming full-time or part-time coaches, many come so they can apply the learning at work within their existing profession. On the program they learn how to coach, of course – but they also learn how to integrate the Coach Approach more widely. And as they do this so they can become better leaders, team members, managers – and even better parents.

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